Chesterfield County SC Dams


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Name USGS Topo Map
Blackwell Millpond Dam D-3187 Bethune
Bridlewood Lower Lake Dam D-3237 Cheraw
Bridlewood Upper Lake Dam D-3236 Cheraw
Brown Springs Pond Dam D-3212 Patrick
Cheathan Lake Dam D-3219 Cheraw
Cheraw State Park Two Dam D-3224 Cheraw
Clyde Laney Pond Dam D-3217 Cheraw
Crawford Pond Dam D-1824 Jefferson NE
Development Dam D-2545 Cash
Douglass Millpond Dam D-3192 Ruby
Eskridge Pond Dam D-3221 Cheraw
Ethel Plyler Pond Dam D-3171 Jefferson
Eureka Lake Dam D-3225 Cheraw
Fish Hatchery Lake One Dam D-3222 Cheraw
Fish Hatchery Lake Two Dam D-3223 Cheraw
George Plyler Pond Dam D-1802 Pageland
Griggs Pond Dam D-1869 Cash
Harmon Pond Dam D-3201 Lake Robinson
Hendricks Pond Dam D-3230 Cash
Herb Leard Pond Dam D-3181 Angelus
Honkers Lake Dam D-3183 Heath Springs
Howle Pond Dam D-3231 Cash
Hunter Pond Dam D-3210 Patrick
Hursey Millpond Dam D-3173 Hornsboro
Hurst Pond Dam D-3204 Chesterfield
Jordan Pond Dam D-1820 Hornsboro
King Millpond Dam D-3202 Lake Robinson
Kirkleys Small Pond Dam D-3238 Angelus
Kirley Pond Dam D-1812 Angelus
Knight Mill Pond Dam D-3176 Jefferson NE
L C Reid Pond Dam D-3220 Cheraw
Lake Number 12 Dam D-3196 Middendorf
Lake Number 16 Dam D-3195 Middendorf
Lake Susan Dam D-3234 Cash
Leaird Pond Dam D-3179 Jefferson NE
Lee Pond Dam D-3209 Patrick
Martin Pond Dam D-3178 Jefferson NE
Mcbride Pond Dam D-3229 Cash
McLean Pond Dam D-3208 Patrick
McLeod Pond Dam D-3175 Jefferson NE
Meeting House Pond Dam D-1825 Jefferson NE
Middendorf Pond Dam D-3199 Middendorf
Morrison Pond Dam D-3214 Middendorf
Mount Lake Dam D-1837 Middendorf
Oxpen Lake Dam D-3193 Angelus
Petros Lake Dam D-3233 Cash
Phillips Pond Dam D-3215 Morven East
Pool G Dam D-1839 Middendorf
Pool J Dam D-3182 Heath Springs
Rivers Pond Dam D-3174 Hornsboro
Robeson Millpond Dam D-3207 Chesterfield
Rogers Pond Dam D-1828 Jefferson NE
Rogers Pond Dam D-3232 Cash
Scott Pond Dam D-3213 Patrick
South Carolina Noname 13001 D-3206 Dam Chesterfield
South Carolina Noname 13008 D-3226 Dam Cash
South Carolina Noname 13010 D-3225 Dam Cash
South Carolina Noname 13011 D-3216 Dam Cheraw
South Carolina Noname 13015 D-3198 Dam Middendorf
South Carolina Noname 13018 D-3194 Dam Middendorf
South Carolina Noname 13020 D-3190 Dam Ruby
South Carolina Noname 13021 D-3191 Dam Ruby
South Carolina Noname 13022 D-3197 Dam Middendorf
South Carolina Noname 13023 D-3200 Dam Middendorf
South Carolina Noname 13029 D-3186 Dam Bethune
South Carolina Noname 13035 D-3184 Dam Bethune
South Carolina Noname 13036 D-3227 Dam Angelus
South Carolina Noname 13043 D-3189 Dam Ruby
South Carolina Noname 13044 D-3177 Dam Jefferson NE
South Carolina Noname 13052 D-3168 Dam Pageland
South Carolina Noname 13058 D-3188 Dam Ruby
South Carolina Noname 13059 D-3228 Dam Patrick
Sowells Pond Dam D-1832 Lake Robinson
Sowells Pond Dam D-3205 Chesterfield
Sullivan Pond Dam D-3185 Bethune
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